Is Cyberpunk worth it now if I play on PS5?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:33 ID: m204q5

Hey everyone,

As someone who was super excited for this game, my hype was killed like everyone else's with the messy launch. I haven't looked into the game since. I was planning on waiting until the game got fixed and released on PS5, but I'm wondering if it's worth it to get the PS4 version now to play in my PS5. Curious as to what others think. Thanks in advance.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:36 ID: gqge8y0

There was supposed to be a sizeable February update which was delayed. At least wait for that. Better yet just wait for their next-gen update in (hopefully) the latter half of this year.

ID: gqhcdcn

Yeahhh thats not gonna happen..

3 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:51 ID: gqgggrn

I would wait until PlayStation allow it back on their store at least

Personally, I don't think I will even buy it now when next gen version does come out unless it gets raving reviews.

ID: gqhc9dn

Honest opinion after 30 hours: it’s a pretty good story glued together with buggy, incomplete, or absent gameplay systems. Everything outside the main story feels like a beta.

The city design is very detailed, incredible even, but the lack of a proper police system and weak variety of activities really wastes the potential of this game.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:34 ID: gqge0id

Naw just wait until its fixed. The ps5 update isnt even out yet

ID: gqgtq5w

Oh so that's why the refund is still locked

5 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:37 ID: gqgwwgq

So, were I suggesting this to my past self I would say definitely yes. I had a lot of bugs, but nothing that hurt the experience. Mostly things I just laughed at like tpose bugs or my car titanfalling from orbit when I summon it.

Normally I might just suggest waiting. However, the game systems are so fucked you can break pretty much everything. There are a surprising amount of ways to make yourself into a god, you can glitch the game to get infinite money/items, you can bounce around super fast like in Titanfall, or superman launch yourself from one skyscraper to another. I actually had the most fun just fucking that game up as much as possible, and I enjoy that so much I’d have to suggest it to my past self.

So the bugs and terrible balance actually kind of made the play time more entertaining. And I’m betting they try and fix all of that. Obviously that changes if you get a save corrupting bug or something, but that’s a risk you take.

Also I really like the story/world, though everything you’ve heard about the ai being braindead or nonexistent is true.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:50 ID: gqgg990

Wouldn’t touch it until at least the March update drops which is expected second half of this month. I’m fully expecting to not touch the game again until end this year however when the next gen upgrade is available.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:39 ID: gqgep7r

No honestly. This game really should not have launched at all.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:34 ID: gqgwg3t

No, you’re looking at late 2021 it will be in a complete playable state if they try hard enough

9 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:59 ID: gqghnxz

Honestly I played it at launch and I only had very minor bugs but the biggest problem was I found the game extremely boring.

ID: gqgujsm

I played it at lunch

How was it at dinner?

10 : Anonymous2021/03/10 15:52 ID: gqggm25

It depends on what you actually want from the game.

If you want an immersive first person RPG, i would say skip this game until they fix some fundamental issues with the game (i highly doubt this will ever happen).

If you are looking for a generic FPS game and don't mind playing through some bugs, you can probably play now and it will be fine.

I played at launch and didn't mind the bugs, but hated the game due to all of the broken gameplay promises so i got a refund. I won't touch this game again until they fundamentally change the game.

ID: gqghd6i

I'm getting the vibe from everyone that I should just wait til it's fixed and out for next gen. Thanks!

11 : Anonymous2021/03/10 16:38 ID: gqgnj3r

I’m gonna be the odd man out here and say yes, it’s definitely worth it. I played the first half on PS4 and actually enjoyed it (yeah I know, I know) even though it looked like shit. Now that I’m playing on ps5 it’s like night and day. The game looks fucking beautiful and plays amazingly with no FR stutters. I say yes my dude get it. ( I have about 100 hours put into my first play through)

ID: gqh7cfu

I played 150ish hours on ps5 and loved it. Crashing was an annoyance, but it wasnt that bad IMO.
I would agree it’s worth playing if you have tempered expectations.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:22 ID: gqh4mmx

I‘m strolling through night city. And it is a shit show. I try to like it, but i really don‘t.
The animations of npcs are a joke, but what‘s even worse are their fucking lines of „dialogue“.
Anything outside of missions seems to be written by a five year old. A very angry five year old. I just don‘t get it. Why does every fucking person in this city gotta give me an attitude? Even a freaking shop owner (from whom i can‘t buy anything anyway because appearently shops don‘t exist in „rpgs“) gives me an aggressive one liner once i dare talk to him.
There is no immersion in this city. It can look stunning at times, yet 5 minutes later it looks like fucking san andreas in HD. There‘s no coherency, everything seems to be patched together - badly. Some parts are awesome and you get glimpses of what the game could‘ve been. For the most part though it lets me down, wishing for better management or more dev time. This shit can‘t be fixed. And i‘m saying that as someone who bought it for ps5 at launch, refunded, then got it for PC again because i wanted to like it.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:34 ID: gqgwesp

It plays pretty well on PS5, framerate is super smooth and there are still a few bugs and glitches, but it’s still nowhere near how they hyped it up to be - saying it was going to be as polished as RDR2!

The way I see it is that they can fix the bugs, glitches and other technical shortfalls but they can’t easily fix how soulless and bland the game feels. When I first saw the trailers it gave off a Deus Ex mixed with GTA vibe.... but it nowhere near achieves anything close to the potential of both of them together. For one the city isn’t nearly as alive as the trailers made it out to be (bearing in mind the trailers were for the PS4/Xbox version and not what the PS5/Series X would look like!) maybe the extra power from the PS5 can change that?

I’m not saying it’s really really bad, I mean it’s fun to play and the storyline is ok but it just doesn’t feel right. I stopped playing and will be waiting on the PS5 update, whenever that might be!

ID: gqhby12

100% this. I played through the whole thing with hardly any issues or bugs, but the game itself is just not that good. The characters are okay but i never connected with them much, the story was boring, the gameplay was boring, the only prt i really loved was driving through the city at night cause it reminded me of blade runner but that is it. I played on ps5 and i returned it cause id buy it again when next gen drops but, i really dont know if im going to anymore.

Im replaying rdr2 and it is so much better in every possible way. Rockstar is literally leagues ahead of any other developer when it comes to quality in every aspect.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:47 ID: gqgyu5d

From my own personal view, not at all. Even on the PS5 it’s a buggy, boring slog of a game. Even if they iron out all the bugs and graphical issues, there’s still way too many flaws in the overall gameplay and design. Gunplay is awkward, hacking is barebones, driving feels awful and the sense of exploration is completely missing when all it is, is go here and do this specific thing or listen to ten minute dialogue while we drive.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/10 17:59 ID: gqh0vp0

If you aren’t in a rush, just wait. Otherwise it’s still worth a play. I had a fantastic time playing the game on Day 1, but I had to endure game crashes about 1-2x for every hour I played. It’s sucked but luckily I was never that lost with how my auto saves worked.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:06 ID: gqh23v8


17 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:07 ID: gqh2all

All the performance issues and graphics issues aside the game sucks. The story is okay and the gameplay is really bland. The world is empty. Sidequests are pretty cool tho. Wouldn’t recommend it tho. Not yet atleast. It flopped hard

18 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:10 ID: gqh2rqz

It plays okay on PS5, but I still get hard crashes every hour or 2. Also I have a quest bug that is preventing my Platinum Trophy...

I'd say wait until at least the next big patch, but preferably wait until the PS5 version releases.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:19 ID: gqh45zk

I completed pretty much everything in the game at launch playing on PS5-- the story/scope of the game itself wasn't what I had hoped it would be and there were plenty of bugs/crashes-- but I still enjoyed it. Its still a very good game, just not the massive open-world, immersive RPG masterpiece that CDPR was promising us throughout the years.

If I were you, I'd still probably wait at least until CDPR releases an update to fix all the bugs/crashes-- but if you're really itching to get started, I think you'd still enjoy playing though it on PS5 right now for the most part. And you can always do another playthrough later on when they've released the full PS5 version.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:20 ID: gqh4b2n

Don’t buy it. Wait for the legit PS5 version then check the reviews.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:23 ID: gqh4rul


22 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:33 ID: gqh68gu

Absolutely not IMO. The crazy AA in the game will make you want to cry

23 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:34 ID: gqh6daw

I got like 70hrs in it and only experienced minor glitches in it and absolutely loved it tbh... the launch was a little rough the it would crash a lot but now it doesn’t at all for me

24 : Anonymous2021/03/10 18:44 ID: gqh7w4r

I've got an unopened PS4 copy I'm waiting on playing. I wish I had just returned it while I still had the chance.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:03 ID: gqhaocn

I played it for about 40hrs on the PS5 and honestly I thought the game was pretty fun. Sure there are bugs and crashes but tbh the game loaded back up quickly and the autosave was pretty good so I didn't mind. Also I ended up getting a partial refund so it ended up costing me about $20. Like the others have said though I would maybe wait until the big update they were working on before starting it.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:09 ID: gqhbm7b

If you have a disc version PS5, I'd just wait until someone has the PS4 version for $20 or less and then hold onto it until the PS5 upgrade.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:12 ID: gqhc15d


28 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:22 ID: gqhdftv

CDPR are fucked with their next game. No one will pre order until they have seen solid reviews

29 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:29 ID: gqheiq2

Ive played through it twice and had fun each time. 140h first playthrough, crashed a lot initially but nowadays it's not so bad at all and bugs haven't (yet) been a problem

30 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:30 ID: gqheo9m

No it still crashes after 1-2 hours of gameplay. They have produced no clear path to fix it and have claimed they fixed it through a bout 3 patches now and it’s still going. Gets much worse in act 2 you can play through most of act 1 without any crashing. I quit in act 2 in January before the big patch and asked for a refund. I’ll likely not go back to it in the future unless it’s fundamentally reworked and greatly improved by a ps5 upgrade. Especially with the breach my guess is this game is dead...

31 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:33 ID: gqhf28k

Honestly, just wait. I played it through in the ps5, it crashing isn't the only issue. Game isn't finished or polished, such a long away away from resembling a game by the same studio that made the witcher 3.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:39 ID: gqhfybi

No, they are not fix yet

33 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:47 ID: gqhh0pp

That's a hard no.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:52 ID: gqhhrum

It's not fixed. There is still no PS5 version. Wait a year when both should be sorted and then take a look.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:54 ID: gqhi093

Shelf this one for 2 years, at least.

36 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:55 ID: gqhi51d


37 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:55 ID: gqhi7no


38 : Anonymous2021/03/10 19:56 ID: gqhid1d

No. There’s no reason to play it now. It’s just not finished, and it won’t be until the next-gen patch, I’m guessing. I highly doubt the March patch, or any patch, will fix the horrendous pop-in.

39 : Anonymous2021/03/10 20:04 ID: gqhjgrx

I would not recommend it. I played it on PS5 and did not have a good time. I may return when it gets a proper next gen update, but even then, the game is very shallow.

40 : Anonymous2021/03/10 20:09 ID: gqhk2xd

No. If you haven’t played it yet, you can wait.

There is a good game there, but at the moment it’s insanely unfinished. It’s not even what I would consider to be in a pre alpha state.

In a year or hopefully less, when the game has some AI (because it’s just not there), when you can interact with the world on any level and it doesn’t immediately destroy your immersion then it will be worth playing.

It may not crash on ps5 that much anymore and it runs at a good frame rate. But there’s just no getting around the fact that it’s a half baked product right now.


41 : Anonymous2021/03/10 20:39 ID: gqhobhs

Just wait for the actual PS5 version. No use in playing the inferior version when a better version is on the way.

42 : Anonymous2021/03/10 20:44 ID: gqhp42f

The game simply isn’t done yet. There is no way that the devs actually made the decision to release it on consoles in the state it’s currently in.

They’re going to get to work on bringing it to next gen when the bugs are all squished, and when it comes in it’s upgraded glory, that’ll be the time to jump in. Otherwise, you’ll only kill your hype further by playing it in its current buggy, last gen state. I’ve got my copy hidden in the deepest depths of my closet, and I’m putting it out of my mind until we get a game cdpr can be proud of.


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