Cant reach more than 8650 pts on mc in Cinebench R20 with 5900X – is this my limit?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:47 ID: mfwgw7

No matter what I set in curve optimizer, cant reach more than 8650 pts in multicore (singlecore result is 641) - and I saw that some people can reach even 9k points - do you have any thoughts how to increase these points?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:27 ID: gsqysk7

You can set your power limits to Motherboard, start the curve with - 15 for CCD1, and - 30 for CCD2. Usually this start point can be appropriate, then run stability test and keep undervolting CCD1 cores until the system turns unstable. Normal is that the best cores have the lower undervolt values.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 21:33 ID: gsqerod

Set your PBO power limit to the Motherboard one.
Set your PBO OC curve to negative 30 all cores.
Leave PBO Scalar to Auto.
Set your CPU voltage offset to -0.05v .
Set CB20 to High priority.
Do not run anything else, not even monitoring tools.
Run CB20 again and celebrate... then grow backward from there to reach stability.

ID: gsr2244

I'd probably recommend moving the opposite way, start at zero, test and keep working downward to -30 if possible.

ID: gsql2ou

I really wish everyone would stop recommending their CO configs to other people. Each CPU is different, -30 all core is not helpful, especially with a negative vcore offset on top of that, all this is going to do for most people is cause a shit load of idle crashes.

ID: gsqlp13

Sorry Sir, is it so uncommon that a 5900X completes a CB20 test at PBO -30 and -0.05v voltage offset ? How am I supposed to know that it is uncommon ? Those were my two cents...

4 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:01 ID: gspv3ds

open task manager and give cinebench high priority then test, your scores should be higher

ID: gspv65z

I already did it

5 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:06 ID: gspvrwo

Better cooling, those with very high numbers usually run custom water loops with thick radiators and a lot of fans on full speed(noisy), on "normal" high end tower coolers ~8500p is normal.

Ryzen is VERY temp dependent, even leaving windows open in the room for an hour gives better scores unless it's summer outside

A lot of curve optimizer and all voltages as low as Windows can boot also enhances scores, but it will be very unstable.

ID: gsqeo7v

A cinebench run is so short that fan speeds make no difference. I can run my radiator fans at 0rpm or 2000rpm and get the same score.

ID: gsqmge2

I just used a laser thermometer on my LF 280, and with ambient at 72.9F, rad starts at 76.4, peaks at 78.8. A minute after R23 ends, rad temps are 77.0 and falling slowly. I have my rad fans ramping down for 25 seconds after a CPU temp peak ramps them up.

ID: gspvxur

Im cooling my 5900X with Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 in push-pull config

ID: gsq6krj

Intake? Mesh or open intake? Those are to prefer. Also check thermal paste, it should be even over the die and rather slight too much than too little. And check that Windows processes are behaving.

ID: gsqjijd

II 360 in push-pull config

Did you log temps before/after? What were the results?

6 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:09 ID: gspw3nv

between IF clocks, memory, PBO, temps ... you can see a wildly different set of results.

For example my 5600x with stock settings EVEN with IF set to 1800 and 3600mhz memory, was showing sub average results. Turning one pbo entirely and setting 200mhz boost target suddenly bumped everything up into the top 5%.

ID: gsq6zo0

Memory specifically has almost no effect on Cinebench.

ID: gsr33wu

while true, it's still best to match it with the IF... it's all variables worth investing in

7 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:11 ID: gspwgj0

My 5900x: 1.28v 4.7ghz 9266pts

ID: gspwvgg

What tweaks have you made to your cpu to achieve such a good result?

ID: gspxjzx

I don't use pbo, curve optimizer, etc. I just set fixed voltage and frequency. I know I'm possibly losing some performance in single thread, but I'm fine with that. What's your chip's frequency when running r20? I guess it's around ~4.5ghz.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/29 22:10 ID: gsqja5b

I think the highest score with my 3900X has been in the neighborhood of ~7600+ points, so i think your current score is a very good one. I wouldn't sweat it...;)

9 : Anonymous2021/03/29 22:11 ID: gsqjelo

I just got 8971, with an Arctic Liquid Freezer 280 II. I've taking Curve Optimizer as far as I can get, boost is 200 MHz, and I've overclocked the RAM.

You need to test various PPT TDC and EDC values. My best are around 170, 107,160.

Cooling is crucial. What are you using?


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