Inside of the psvr camera adapter

1 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:24 ID: mk2xb8

For anyone who was interested.... I had hoped it would just be a straight through usb plug conversion, but alas... It is not.

The board side a

Side b

2 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:35 ID: gtdl65r

The chip on the first pic is a USB 2.0 hub controller, also used in the PS Classic. Maybe it just converts the signal to USB 3.0 for the PS5.

ID: gtdlrfm

Isn't usb 3 inherently backwards compatable?

3 : Anonymous2021/04/04 19:52 ID: gtdn30j

The aj2019 seems to be a digital/analog convertor...

I don't usually look into chips and what they do, but I just can't understand why the ps4 camera can't just plug in, even with a straight wire to wire conversion. There must be some hardware decoding stuff in the camera?

4 : Anonymous2021/04/04 20:50 ID: gtdtrou

How long did it take for your free adapter to come in? Ordered mine a week ago...

ID: gtdvb55

2 weeks.

Tell everyone you know who has vr to get their free adaptor now. I'm predicting they become rare in the near future.

ID: gtdvyed

Official ones probably will, but third party ones will definitely pop up

ID: gtdtx60

I did mine about 2 weeks ago, got it slightly more than a week later

ID: gtdy53w

Took mine about 2 months

ID: gte967t

I'm in Canada, mine took 2 days. I was pretty impressed.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:12 ID: gte9p2x

Is that a crab?

ID: gtejl91

It is! I've seen similar logos on many chips over the years... I think realtek used to use one even.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/04 23:57 ID: gteedxn

Giant enemy crab

ID: gtejmnb

Rather friendly actually, that's on the USB hub chip...

ID: gtes79i

For MASSIVE damage

7 : Anonymous2021/04/04 21:34 ID: gtdyt2z

I contacted Sony about 2 1/2 weeks ago about the adapter and I got a email stating they’d contact me once they verify.

How long does this process take for them to ship out the adapter?

ID: gtdzoe5

Mine was 2 weeks from email.

ID: gtdzti6

Thank you for the reply.

ID: gteoktl

It seems to be random, it took them about a week to ship mine in March. I never got a follow-up email, just the dongle in the mail. I've heard contacting tech support can help speed it up.


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