spent the morning making this blue icon spin. i give up.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/07 13:42 ID: mm2d59
spent the morning making this blue icon spin. i give up.
2 : Anonymous2021/04/07 14:28 ID: gtowqwi

I've honestly just given up at this point lmao. I don't even bother looking anymore.

ID: gtpp0xz

I’ll see you guys in 2 years with the 7800 or 4080 haha. I’m totally done trying this cycle.

ID: gtqx6ka

You think you’ll get one then?

ID: gtr0gru

Plus I'm hoping the 7800 has usb4/tb4. It would be the ideal way to add usb4 to your desktop because it wouldn't need short displayport cables from your graphics card to your usb4 card.

ID: gtprfr0

Gonna have this RX580 for another year or two. I've just stopped caring tbh. It works fine anyway.

ID: gtqge6v

Vega "fitty-six" here. I'll be using this till it dies, probably.

ID: gtq7gbv

same here.

I did a marginal upgrade from a 380 to a 580 and at the time thought it was a bit of a waste, but now am really glad I at least made that upgrade. Can't imagine still needing to use that old 380 right now.

ID: gtqdudm

Same here, so glad I did the upgrade back in 2018 after the crypto bust when prices came back down. Had a 6870 before that.

ID: gtqp8a1

rx 480 + 5600x here, it just works

ID: gtpa640

Same lol all those alerts are useless. Bots are already all over it. Hundreds of thousands of bots guys. You have no chance. Buy a prebuilt or wait for next generation and new fab plants by intell and TSMC to come online. If I were u guys I would just forget it and wait to get a whole new prebuilt with ddr5 ram and maybe those new multi GPU cards they are talking about. Then buy a pre built.

ID: gtpihtc

I agree. I'm still really debating whether or not just to buy a pre-built and swap the GPU into my PC and my GPU into the pre-built at this point as use the pre-built for my TV....

ID: gtper0m

How about we all get our own bot with blackjack and hookers? Like papa Lenin and uncle Karl Marx are still around.

ID: gtpcdic

i dont get how theyre too stupid to add a captcha last minute before release lol

ID: gtq6hcz

It's not always bots. The AMD site especially is difficult to bot, it's just at those prices there's incredibly large amounts of people trying to buy. Also AMD GPU's are a miss this generation. Their production capacity is going towards consoles and now with Intel release they've increased the production for CPU's. GPU's are just bottom of the list for now.

ID: gtpem19

i bought every part except the gpu on black friday last year. wish i could return it all and just get a prebuilt now

ID: gtpjsth

I doubt it's bots at this point. Bots do get culled on the backend after manual verification. I know several people who got these cards this morning, no bots involved. The problem is that there's literally tens of thousands of people trying to buy these cards, knowing when they launch, having been trained to try and buy exactly when they come out, and there's likely just hundreds of cards.

ID: gtqc9sb

Yep I tried almost every day since December to get anything new and mid to high end. Said fuckit got a 1650 at msrp so now I can at least use my new amd based build.

Really wish amd would give us at least some new apu options like ones that aren’t being sold through grey market sellers on eBay and Ali

3 : Anonymous2021/04/07 15:34 ID: gtp5k5f

With your old GPU, how many spins per second were you getting?

4 : Anonymous2021/04/07 13:59 ID: gtosy31

The worst part is reaching the final step and getting reddirected to the front page.

Not sure who is in charge of sales.

we need a queue system!

ID: gtovql9

Sadly, AMD doesn't care. I refuse to believe AMD actually cares about their Direct Buy process, or trying to prevent bots and scalpers.

To them, money is money. They could care less about Gamers/Developers in the PC space.

ID: gtowrss

unfortunately I second this, I thought they would use the email as a direct link to an unlisted product on the site... the moment it was listed on the site .. was the moment our chances to get one got to .001% ... I know this probably is not miners / bots fault but we'll know once ebay starts showing this listed for 3k USD since they where offered as a limited product while supplies last. That worried me when I saw it but when I saw the email link was the " ONLY " way to get them (their words not mine) ... I got a bit of hope .. should've known better.

ID: gtp5s7p

They say same at the Nvidia sub.. lol

ID: gtp5sk9

I agree with this as well. Even with getting bot assist on finding GPU, they are gone within seconds. their Direct buy system is so horrible that it is basically pointless to go through them

ID: gtozdxj

Man AMD don't give a fuck. What makes you think it will change now when it's been the same sales system for this long now?

ID: gtozwnl

It could be a PR move. "Scalpers hate this! Gamers can now buy GPUs with this simple trick!"

ID: gtotlu9

For how garbage the site and stock situation is, you think they would atleast acknowledge what they’ve been doing to prep or even fix the damn website.

ID: gtp0bhu

we need a queue system!


ID: gtpbz2j

Don't understand how this has not yet been implemented.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/07 14:09 ID: gtoub87

I am shocked with how far we are in this GPU generations life cycle yet AMD's store is still the worst one. At least Zotac's site works and shows new listings right away, it's just a lag fest.

But this was horrendous lol...

- An email that has a link to an INFO page, not even the store listing page

- Never once saw the actual store listing page on my own no matter how much I looked for it

- Had to get the link from a discord group

Like... man, I'd rather have gotten up for a Zotac drop instead of this lol

ID: gtpss6p

At least AMD is still selling at MSRP on their own store. Newegg has AMD cards for +$400.

ID: gtp2245

And yet they still sold out in seconds, so it's probably not a priority for them.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/07 16:24 ID: gtpcigz

launching a limited edition card when none of your supporters (or anyone) can even get a "regular" card

Extremely tone deaf release

ID: gtpk7pg

The trick is that all cards are limited edition

7 : Anonymous2021/04/07 16:07 ID: gtpa51h

Nothing will change unfortunately, it's been months and AMD showed no intent to improve the situation, even a bit.
The announcement of the 6700 XT, that I awaited for months before taking a decision, was the last nail in the coffin for me, it showed that they were content with overpricing their cards and profit even more from the situation because it will sell anyway... even nvidia priced their cards more fairly. And it's coming from someone who has been already sold on AMD with no prior preconception because I've been a user of their cards for more than 15 years now. But here I am now, trying to get a RTX 3000, I did a total 180, I can't believe they really succeeded to make me not want their cards that much when I was so willing to get one not so long ago

ID: gtph2kz

BS Nivida is also charging a surplus on all cards sold. Sorry to say it but you were never going to get a card that competes with the 2070 for any less due to demand and crypto.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/07 16:03 ID: gtp9l27

It seems I was one of the lucky few to be able to grab one. It didn’t show up on my page for about 2m but when it did I was able to do it quick enough to get one. Very happy to be able to get one. Sad there wasn’t enough to go around though. I wish everyone good luck if they are still trying.

ID: gtpat1f

That's awesome, I'm happy you were able to snag one!

9 : Anonymous2021/04/07 15:28 ID: gtp4n0v

I've given up already. I'm glad I bought a 5700XT at release although I didn't want to but because my older model died I had to. I'll just wait until next generation now

10 : Anonymous2021/04/07 16:30 ID: gtpddnu

One thing I noticed with AMD direct it's not always about being the fastest... the site rarely works on the first try, you have to power through timeouts, 503 errors, redirects to home page, etc... This morning I grabbed the 6800xt with just a few retries and I was several minutes late. I've been trying several weeks now and I always got stuck at the very last step but this morning it came through for me...

ID: gtpg7l6

Same for me. I was able to successfully purchase the 6800 XT this morning. First off, I encountered "Access Denied" page on my PC after mashing F5 at 9am EST. I then decided to bring up the link on my phone and BOOM, the GPU was available to me to add to my cart. Did that and proceeded in attempting to finalize the purchase (checkout). After running into web timeout pages twice and going back and forth, it took my CC and I received a confirmation e-mail. Sheer luck!

11 : Anonymous2021/04/07 14:09 ID: gtou99r

Probably better off trying to buy a RTX 3000 FE from Best Buy. Their system seems a little better and their website doesn't tend to break completely.

ID: gtoux0c

You really think so? Seems like their cards have a even more demand

ID: gtov1ed

I think it's a lot harder to buy with a bot there and you're not fighting against a crappy storefront in addition to bots and scalpers.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/07 13:48 ID: gtornqg

Had a 6800xt in the cart and it broke.
Tried posting picture as a comment but reddit hates me.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/07 17:27 ID: gtplb0n

Kinda ironic amd Is on top of its game these days with its tech but has no checks and balances to ensure us common plebs can get it.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/07 13:44 ID: gtor336

Best April's Fools ever made... so frustratingly depressed rn 🙁

15 : Anonymous2021/04/07 16:09 ID: gtpag7b

I got one! Couldn't believe it!

ID: gtpao32

Nice! Enjoy!

16 : Anonymous2021/04/07 15:25 ID: gtp4aue

Weird--been there myself all morning--never saw it...;) You have my sympathies. Last time I saw it for the 6900XT, it never let me actually put it in the cart, much less buy it. This situation is really inexcusable. Seems to be no reason why I cannot pay AMD the full amount and go on a list for shipping! Then I could forget it and wouldn't have to ply the same 7-8 Internet sites every single day, several times a day, in a fruitless search to buy a vaporware product.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/07 17:12 ID: gtpj9an

And everyone was asking why I spent 1500 bucks on my 3090...cause no one wanted them then, so I could easily get one....WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!!!


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