Constant disk writing with AMD drivers 21.4.1 – gallery.blb

1 : Anonymous2021/04/28 10:57 ID: n0c7n6

I really like the new drivers and their features, but I'm puzzled by amount of disk writes it is generating. The file is %AppData%LocalAMDCNgallery.blb - in my case it is about 16MB, but it is being CONSTANTLY overwritten with speed of ~1MB/s.

Can you guys please check for me using the Resource monitor on Disk tab, if it is the case also for you? Here's screen of mine, sorted by total (I already symlinked the location to my other SSD, but it still bothers me).


EDIT: It was caused by ReLive destination being set to drive with much stuff in it. After creating dedicated folder for ReLive recording, problem was fixed. So, if you did not mess with this setting, you won't encounter this issue.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/28 11:21 ID: gw5rga7

Update: Removing write permissions from that file seems to stop the writes. Everything in AMD settings looks functional as well.

ID: gw67b5t

Are you using record desktop or instant replay?

ID: gw6g3f4

those record to ram....should not be hitting disk with constant writes.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/28 11:15 ID: gw5qy4f

Bonus: if you go with Explorer to: %LocalAppData%AMDCN . You can just keep pressing F5 to find this file being 0kB sometimes, so it is really being rewritten all the time. Obvious bug

ID: gw6271o


nope, for me it is stable 1kb, and according to task manager, nothing is writing in the background, even according to Resource Monitor. So it's something with your setup

ID: gw6lebn


It's a bug but it's not universal. I don't have this issue.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/28 11:22 ID: gw5rivh

I normally install just the driver without everything else but I can have a look at mine later this afternoon to see.
What I would speculate is that since this is a .blb file (blob), it's some sort of cache - perhaps icons of your installed games? Would a shader cache be called 'gallery'? Interested to see what someone more informed says about it.

ID: gw6n70j

Thanks man, your reply pointed me to have a look at the file with hexedit. It is JSON file with index of contents of whole directory, where you record with ReLive. I recently changed this location to my other SSD, which coincidentally has a lot of stuff in the same directory. This is what AMD Settings were indexing all the time and changing this directory helped. This also explains why I only have the issue (as I changed the default recording location).

ID: gw83ccu

I'm glad if I managed to help, thanks for digging into it! I confirm that it's Radeonsoftware.exe that does it so install avenues that don't have that running shouldn't come across this.
I do wish it was clearer but there's many a program (especially closed source) that aren't totally forthcoming about every detail off the bat.

(On a sidenote, I'm just now trying out 21.4.1's 'driver only' install and discovering it's not as good as a (true) driver only install if you don't mind losing out on the ability to tweak outside of regedit...because it seems AMD are bundling that pesky "user experience program" (UEP) executable that tries to ping out and still sets itself in the task scheduler even when you opt out of it. You can uninstall stuff though thankfully, I just prefer the bare minimum and no fluff: which hasn't been a thing on Windows for a looooong time!)

5 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:08 ID: gw61twj

interesting, will try

6 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:10 ID: gw6237z

Seems fine for me. Radeon software doesn't appear in the Resource Monitor.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/28 13:57 ID: gw67qt1

Looks like the issue is only with my PC. Thanks for all reports. I removed the write permission on the file and everything is fine.

ID: gw6lgct

Did you report the issue with the bug tool?

ID: gw6me7m

Good idea, will do that

ID: gw6luis

Kind of stoned atm. But wondering if you have used regedit to mod permissions for users or anything on your install?

ID: gw6md0l

No, I just edited permission on the file itself in Explorer (added Deny to Write permission)

8 : Anonymous2021/04/28 17:35 ID: gw72m2t

Way to wear down your SSDs lifetime. I hope it doesn't do that on my PC as well.

Does the writing process display in the regular Windows Task Manager?

ID: gw7bd2a

Yeah, it does, but Resource Monitor is better, because you can see the originating process that is creating the I/O.

ID: gw7ymmp

1 TB SSD has close to 2000 TB resource so it wont break

ID: gw7yz27

OP likely had instant replay + writing to hd + desktop capture enabled.

Also SSDs have insane write times so I doubt it would even make a dent in it.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/28 18:27 ID: gw7a4r1

Not happening on my system with 21.4.1.


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