Based on the gaps between past game releases and their State of Plays, Horizon Forbidden West will probably come out in July or August.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:43 ID: nl232i

Gaps between the dedicated State of Plays and release dates for different games:

The Last of Us Part II - 23 days

Ghost of Tsushima - 64 days

Demon's Souls - 5 days

Destruction AllStars - 6 days

Returnal - 64 days

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart - 43 days

If we were to take the average of 34 days that would give us a June 30th release date for Horizon but I think that average is a bit too low due to Demon's Souls and Destruction AllStars.

If we were to calculate an average without those two, we'd get a mid-July date.

And if we were to use the largest gap, 64 days, we'd get a 30th July release date. That said, we could see this game having a larger gap than previous games did. Another thing worth remembering is that Rift Apart launches on June 11th and Deathloop launches 14th September. So a July/August release for Horizon makes the most sense to give those games at least a few weeks space.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:47 ID: gzg45bt

Ghost of Tsushima showed July is a perfectly viable month to launch a AAA game and still sell well.

So I won't be surprised for a summer date

ID: gzg5mti

Exactly. And, as it stands, July and August are really quiet for AAA releases this year. September onwards is where everything starts releasing (Life is Strange, Deathloop, then Ghostwire and of course COD and FIFA, plus Battlefield and Halo: Infinite later in the year too, probably a bunch of other games I've forgotten as well)

3 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:46 ID: gzg3yk1

That would be pretty insane. I know it is a big leap of faith but if that occurs, it does open up that holiday Q4 window for God of War if it even is intending to launch this year. I certainly my will be anticipating a 2022 God of War launch however to keep expectations in check.

ID: gzg4mao

I think it makes a lot of sense given that Deathloop releases in September, and Ghostwire in October (both big PS5 exclusives).

ID: gzg99x7

Neither of those are even 1/2 the scale of Horizon combined.

This is a late 2021 game.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:01 ID: gzg5snx

I'm pretty sure that HFW was originally planned to launch in summer 2021. In the midst of all the covid delays and no information, everyone assumed the game would be released late this year.

If it does indeed launch in summer 2021 that could mean GoW could still launch this year as advertised. Could Sony have been playing 5D chess with us all along?

ID: gzg60mp

Gow hasn't even shown and footage of the game.

No way it comes out this year and probably not till late 22 at best.

Hfw probably releases around November

ID: gzg8cnz

All but 2 games in the GoW franchise were released in March, and only of one those was a drastic departure (November, for a PSP title; the other was in late April). God of War is a Spring franchise, and unless they really intend to have it out on 2021, I doubt we'll have to wait past April 2022 for it.

ID: gzg6n4v

Yes but they wouldn't tease the game 6 months ago saying it's releasing in 2021 for no reason. And if GoW happens to release in 2021 or early 2022, imagine all the cards they are holding that we haven't even glimpsed.

I for one think it's genius of Sony to focus on promoting one first party game at a time, especially when it comes to creating hype or trying to make conservative people buy more than 2 or 3 games at release per year.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:07 ID: gzg6lfk

I'm saving this post for receipts

6 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:04 ID: gzg66q5

Imagine if we actually got Horizon in 2 months and then GoW in Q4, Internet would break haha

7 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:50 ID: gzg4fx6

If that's the case I think they don't announce a date with the state of play but then announce it at e3 as a suprise

ID: gzg662m

Sony won't be at E3, so unless they announce another stream shortly after, this is currently their best window of opportunity to get some hype ahead of it all.

ID: gzg6lfi

They won't be at E3 proper but I wouldn't be surprised if they do there own thing again.

Take last year's show for example. It took place during the traditional E3 weekend depsite being an unrelated event and it was even announced right after a late May state of play. Just like this one for Horizon

ID: gzg6kum

Oh oops I meant some other bigger PlayStation event like whatever their big press thing is

8 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:10 ID: gzg6vrb

I would be shocked if we see this game before September. And let’s say it is, what does Sony have planned for the fall if GoW is not ready?

ID: gzg9yhs

Maybe they don’t need anything in the fall if GOW is early 2022. By early I mean Feb/March

9 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:47 ID: gzg44cs

I think the main reason we’re getting this state of play is so that they don’t have to use up time for it in their digital presentation close to e3

10 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:57 ID: gzg5e65

I don't expect it til October or November. Big holiday game.

ID: gzg5opf

Didn't they already announce that it was being released in November?

ID: gzg9c2k

All they said was 2nd half 2021 I’m pretty sure

ID: gzga572

oh, I don't know. Didn't think it had a date yet.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:05 ID: gzg6d3e


12 : Anonymous2021/05/25 22:59 ID: gzg5k37

Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:01 ID: gzg5vmh

But isn't the difference is that we knew the release date for most of these games before they had their SoP?

ID: gzg6cmy

That is true and it's partly why I think the gap could be bigger this time and the game could come out in August (instead of July which is what the numbers above would indicate). I do think it'll be one of those two months though as we have two big AAA exclusives coming in September (Deathloop) and October (Ghostwire). July/August just seems perfect looking at the release calendar.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:40 ID: gzgag9s

I think Horizon FW was meant to release this summer but got delayed internally and will likely release in November.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:03 ID: gzg616m

All hyped games so far were disappointing in the last 2 years. But there is no way for HFW to be in the list!

ID: gzg816n

There were plenty of games that were hyped that were really good the last spider man was really good.

Demon souls is amazing, ghost of tsushima and lou2 were both great games

16 : Anonymous2021/05/25 23:08 ID: gzg6owe

Hfw is a November release since rachet is June.

Gow2 has 0 chance of releasing this year. We have yet to see anything on that game.

Kenya Bridge of spirits is August.

Deathloop is September.


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