A Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo will be available on June 14

1 : Anonymous2021/06/13 20:40 ID: nz5g5h
A Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo will be available on June 14
2 : Anonymous2021/06/13 21:03 ID: h1nu5wg

There is a demo for download now

ID: h1nuj3j

Where do you see it? I can’t find it in the store

ID: h1nwhfy

Search for stranger of paradise

ID: h1oa3f4

You're right! Thanks for the heads up

3 : Anonymous2021/06/13 21:41 ID: h1nynw7

there's a demo out now. but can't start it says data is corrupted everytime

ID: h1o0cls

Having the same issue. Hopefully it's a timing thing and it gets fixed once the demo is "officially" out.

ID: h1o2a55

I had the same issue. I wonder if they just released the wrong version.

ID: h1o5omh

Same issue

4 : Anonymous2021/06/13 22:25 ID: h1o3mlo
5 : Anonymous2021/06/13 22:51 ID: h1o6gja

downloaded the demo and got Corrupted data :/ I'll try agin tomorrow when hopefully it gets fixed

6 : Anonymous2021/06/13 20:54 ID: h1nt23r

There’s like 4 different posts with different dates

ID: h1nuhru

People not realizing that it’s already the 14th in Japan lol. Demo is out now in the US.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/13 20:42 ID: h1nrlfe

PS5 and PS4, thank fuck.

I’m sick of asshole developers who forget that we’re seven months into this generation and STILL cannot walk into a store and buy a fucking PS5, so it’s nice to see some devs who don’t pull the “Demo exclusive to PS5” shit.

ID: h1nspz4

The full game is coming to PS4 too but it seems the demo releasing tomorrow is only PS5.

ID: h1nt9lv

On a PS5 sub, complains games are only coming to PS5

ID: h1odgcj

100 mill ps4 users salty they don't have one, so they come here to make sure their voice is heard and they aren't abandoned to the entire ps4 library.

ID: h1ntjzy

Because I can’t fucking buy a PS5, otherwise I’d be playing it.

ID: h1ns4oi

PepeLaugh El No Sabe

ID: h1nu9g5

Aww, is someone angry because devs no longer support his 10 years old hardware?

ID: h1nwaz1

No, I’m angry that we’re seven months into this generation, we’re still battling bots and scalpers for the small handful of PS5’s that manage to make it here and devs who are releasing cross-generation games still can’t throw those of us stuck on PS4 a fucking bone once in a while.

If I could walk into a store and buy a PS5 right now I wouldn’t care but when the fucking things are being scalped for 1.5-2X the price and retailers STILL can’t fix their websites so they don’t buckle or crash under demand it’s pretty fucking irritating when developers are all “Fuck you for not winning the PS5 lottery”

All I’m asking for is a tiny bit of recognition from developers that this last year was a fucking shitshow and a “Hey, it looks better on PS5 but here’s something for those stuck on the last gen because the world is fucked.”

Seriously, I’m sick of developers acting like this is any other console launch year.


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