Bungie’s Next IP Could Be A Free-to-Play Game, Job Listing Suggests

1 : Anonymous2021/07/23 13:45 ID: oq2pli
Bungie's Next IP Could Be A Free-to-Play Game, Job Listing Suggests
2 : Anonymous2021/07/23 13:49 ID: h68y7cl

Not sure how to feel about this

ID: h69ysbs

They didn’t learn from last time

ID: h6dee72

... You meant Destiny going F2P? That’s literally one of their biggest success lol

ID: h6drptr


ID: h6993w6

Not good.

Nothing good is free. There's a reason why i play console and not phone games.

ID: h69dr5f

I'm getting less and less excited with a lot of newer releases for this exact reason. Seemingly everything is blending into bullshit live service schemes now.

ID: h69f301

"Nothing good is free" is not how it works. It means instead of getting money from a direct purchase that they find another way to get it, usually through microtransactions and selling skins and so on. That doesn't stop a game from being good. Apex Legends is an amazing game for example.

ID: h6bk4v7

Dota is one of the best games ever made and its free.

ID: h69elky

Just because something is free that doesn’t mean it’s automatically a bad thing.

There’s a difference between a free game like Apex Legends and a free game that is literally Pay2Win on mobile. You’ve gotta start learning the difference or else this gen is probably going to be a colossal disappointment for you.

ID: h69bw0v

I think league of legends is good. Call of Duty Warzone is good. Apex is good.

Maybe you are hard to please?

EDIT: For those of you downvoting, maybe MOBAs and Battle Royales are not your cup of tea? If they are your cup of tea, can you show me better options that are not free?

ID: h69j77s

I disagree with this.

I think a better quote would be "Nothing free is free". There is no such thing as a free lunch. They get paid one way or another.

I personally have never cared .00001% about cosmetics. You could delete every cosmetic from every game, and they wouldn't change for me. If they make a game F2P, and just charge money for additional cosmetics, I completely support that.

If they tie up functional items behind payment walls, then I simply won't play.

ID: h69jpqw

Splitgate would like to disagree with you

ID: h69hkt6

You do realize consoles have F2P games too right... Like warzone, Warframe, genshin impact, etc.

ID: h69trgy

Like Apex, Warzone, Warframe, Pokemon Go…. Yeah, they are.

ID: h69hezf

Someone put this on a t-shirt

3 : Anonymous2021/07/23 20:26 ID: h6agi0t

Bungies current game is considered free to play lol. Big new everybody!

4 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:09 ID: h690qlb

Can we just stop with the micro transaction loaded f2p games? They’re all so generic at this point. Oh let me guess, some kind of MP combat where you level up and unlock cosmetics, the best of which will be locked behind paying $18 for a single weapon skin? No thanks, that’s already been done 100x at this point.

ID: h6924gz

Are you sure don't want to play some XDefiant when it comes out? LOL

ID: h69jazo

The problem is, this is BY FAR the most profitable way to make games. They'll stop doing it when we stop paying ridiculous amounts of money for them.

I work with 2 guys who both dropped over $10k on some Facebook Pirates game. It was one of those games where you would have to rebuild ships, and that would take time and resources. At one point, you could pay something like $60 to upgrade all of your ships immediately, instead of waiting 1-2 days. They would do this EVERY DAY. They didn't make a ton of money (maybe $40k/year), so this affected their life styles. One of their wives almost left him because of this, and he gave his account away to a friend.

This is all on a cheap, dumb Facebook game. I can't imagine how many more people pay fees like this in more engaging, competitive games.

ID: h6a5qou

The Venn diagram of Reddit’s user base and the causal market are almost two separate circles.

People here forget they’re basically in an echo chamber, so they think they represent the collective interest of the gaming community. The reality is, the F2P model makes absolute bank. Sure not every attempt at it is successful, but when you look at the sheer number of them that are it’s no wonder why every developer is trying to stick their fingers in that sweet sweet money pie.

ID: h6agxaa

Exaclty this. My brother is not a big gamer what so ever, yet he got into one of the moble game and has spent 1000s im sure.

They are addictive and will suck money out of people you wouldnt think would do it.

Plus even for the people who are more constrained, if they play the game long enough they will probably spend some money as well.

ID: h69cb0u

Can we just stop with the micro transaction loaded f2p games? They’re all so generic at this point.

i mean....they obviously make a shit ton of money and that's pretty obvious, so it's weird to even say that. they're very clearly not going anywhere.

ID: h69tpn3

How dare you forget the $20 season pass every 8 weeks

ID: h69tlo8

Riiiight. Like you said, you get to play for free and have the option of buying a cosmetic.

Destiny is and always was ‘MP combat’ - If you don’t like MP shooters or even Destiny, that’s fine. But the complaints you seem to have are ridiculous.

ID: h6a05fo

Me being tired of cookie cutter shooters driven by cosmetic sales is a ridiculous complaint? They make so much money off MTs that they stop actually caring about the performance of the game. The servers got so bad on Apex that I had to stop playing entirely. They never addressed the issues even though people complained about them daily yet they could pump out new cosmetics left and right without issue.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/23 13:50 ID: h68yajt

I’m pretty done with Destiny at this point. I’ve returned several times for maybe 2-3 days and then I’m severely bored again. Maybe it’s me, but I have grown tired of the game and would like to see something new.

ID: h695rwe

As a destiny fan, I have a hard time recommending this game to friends. The f2p experience is abysmal and barely ressembles the experience vereran players have.

ID: h6a7osh

It’s a lie. It’s just a limited trial. You have to buy something to get anywhere in the game. All of the worthwhile content is paywalled.

ID: h6afij9

I just started it (been a few years) and I’m kinda lost already lol. I guess Red War was vaulted?

What I think I will do is just buy destiny 1 collection and play that. The story was really good.

ID: h69ark0

I got into it recently and played for 2 seasons. After a while it started turning into more of a 2nd job, and stopped being fun.

ID: h6bf3hg

I started it with a friend a couple of months ago, i have around 80 hours and he has 630+

Just yesterday, he was telling me about how he was farming a 10 minute raid to try to get a better roll, and how he replayed that same exact raid a bit more than a 100 times to finally get it.

I have more variety in my job lmao, hopefully his addiction dies soon lmao because i mainly play games with him and he just keeps on playing Destiny for 10+ hours a day.

ID: h693kou

I put about 6 to 8 hours into Destiny 2 when it came out on PS5 (it looks great and is free, so why the heck not?) and I've never been so bored playing a game in my life.

Which is extra impressive because the core gameplay/shooting is really good.

ID: h6a0gov

To be honest, that's likely because the f2p designation is basically a lie. It's a trial, and a bad one at that. There are things I love about destiny, and things I don't (I really don't like Bungie as an entity), but the f2p experience is worthless.

Also it might just not be the game for you.

For me, I literally only do endgame stuff, I don't touch almost anything that isn't. If you don't like running the same content over and over to sharpen your character or chase a roll on a gun that will be 15% better than the last one, maybe you'd never have liked it haha.

ID: h6a4o9w

The problem with destiny is that the end game content is too hard to get to, and requires coordination with a group of 3 or 6 players who also have to have dumped a minimum of 400 hours into the game to even be competitive.

Trials is super fun, but the sweaty players are just too dedicated and sweaty, basically too competitive and slanted towards people who already have the best gear (which you get from playing trials)

Raids are incredibly fun, but it’s next to impossible to build a group of 6 people who are at level to play, and can dedicate 2-4 hours straight to finish something.

Also neither of the endgame content have matchmaking? Like wtf?

ID: h68yhiw

Yeah it’s probably just your personal preference because between Beyond Light and the seasons afterwards Destiny 2 is in its best state it’s been in a very long time. Between the narrative aspects and the seasonal activities

ID: h690go1

I’ll be honest, the narrative was never what drew me to the game. It was the gameplay. I do enjoy the way the game plays. The gunplay is fun. The movement is fun. I guess the rest just got a little old for me. Lack of matchmaking in some things sucks too. I just feel like Bungie can do better.

ID: h698ges

The game still doesn't have an in-game party search for raids.

ID: h69csxl

Having done all the raids with just a couple LFG's, you think you want this but you dont.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/23 17:45 ID: h69us86

That's just how multiplayer games are going to be from now on, at least for a while. Fortnite totally changed the game and every studio knows that their multiplayer title won't stand a chance if it isn't free.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/24 06:54 ID: h6cb0jr

This is the way. They need money to do more projects. Everybody is making huge money with free to play games. Fortnite, Warzone, Apex legends. They can't make a good pvp experience in destiny so a free to play pvp game with their best in class fps gameplay is a no brainer. A new ip where they can make any cosmetics without restrictions an sell them.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/23 13:50 ID: h68y9m4

Destiny 2 is already f2p. Bungie already has a deal with a Chinese company to make a new IP, and that means f2p. The future is microtransactions.

ID: h69357b

Yep whenever I hear Chinese, my next thought is MTX stufffed F2P trash….

9 : Anonymous2021/07/23 15:46 ID: h69dyvj

Guess that's a hard pass for me then.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/23 13:51 ID: h68yfts

Wouldn't be surprising, with so much of the market shifting towards free to play at this point multiplayer games are starting to have to work to justify why their base product shouldn't be free. Better to go free to play and get a strong playerbase out of it.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/23 19:50 ID: h6abnbp

Makes sense since this is supposed to be a live service PvP game. Free entry means lots of potential players which means more potential MTX sales. This is especially good for them if they don't plan on making a 2 or 3 kinda like what they are doing with Destiny 2 right now there is no plan on doing a D3 just update D2. Its going to be only cosmetic anyways that's how its in Destiny they arnt going to change their philosophy

12 : Anonymous2021/07/23 13:47 ID: h68xvhj

Destiny 3

Destiny's Child.

ID: h690i2f

There's already a game with that name. Maybe don't google it in public.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:05 ID: h6907lo

Hopefully it has an actually good PvP

14 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:24 ID: h692qtx


15 : Anonymous2021/07/23 15:39 ID: h69d25e

I mean that makes sense with NetEase investing a decent chunk of change into Bungie.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/23 16:59 ID: h69od4g

I believe this is their game with the Chinese deal they got. This is probably the online multiplayer focused game while they still have their separate working title “Matter” for 2025

18 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:49 ID: h6djgwc

I’m pretty sure this could be “Matter”. I don’t think they are ALREADY working on 3 different game at once.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/23 17:31 ID: h69stbj

Guess that’s a hard yes for me then

20 : Anonymous2021/07/23 15:05 ID: h698csi

Destiny 3

21 : Anonymous2021/07/23 18:52 ID: h6a3y1y

From the studio that built destiny only to kill it with destiny 2

22 : Anonymous2021/07/23 15:30 ID: h69bss0

I like their games, but I dont like the way they invalidate the vanilla game with expansions.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:45 ID: h6dizog

Yeah, but the “vanilla game” in D2 was a disaster. Thank god it was invalidated by Forsaken/Shadowkeep/BL etc...

24 : Anonymous2021/07/23 19:04 ID: h6a5fxj

If the service is free, YOU are the product.

25 : Anonymous2021/07/24 03:29 ID: h6btk1g

I love playing Video games But now I feel like I'm coming off and not enjoying them as I did before Since I've got a ps5 I feel like I wasted my money, not many great games and companies all going for this microtransactions shit to make money

Miss the old ps3 days

26 : Anonymous2021/07/24 05:04 ID: h6c2iaa

Destiny is shit so who cares?

This dev is pretty much irrelevant for 10+ years

27 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:40 ID: h6dicjy

The 700,000+ daily players would like to disagree. Also around New content drops there is over 1M+ daily players.

28 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:49 ID: h6djh9c

Not sure your point...

29 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:48 ID: h6djam6

But Destiny bad give me upvotes!!. Seriously, Destiny is one of the most famous franchise of recent years. People who always wrote “dead game” since 2014 simply don’t play the game. Thanks to Destiny Bungie is literally doubling their studios and expanding to other media. Apparently this irrelevant IP had to be a little successful lol. Just ignore them...

30 : Anonymous2021/07/23 16:55 ID: h69nqjp

Still waiting for Marathon four.

31 : Anonymous2021/07/23 22:28 ID: h6aw2ol

as long as its not a hero shooter in the Destiny universe lol.

32 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:41 ID: h6dihom

It will be a hero type game but not in the Destiny universe.

33 : Anonymous2021/07/24 19:17 ID: h6e91ek

then I don't even wanna see or hear about it. beyond tired of hero games.

34 : Anonymous2021/07/24 22:46 ID: h6exdxb

Free to play means its usually shit.

35 : Anonymous2021/07/24 23:53 ID: h6f4pe0

Destiny is a Free to Play game, these job postings mean nothing.

36 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:23 ID: h692mis

Great Bungie mAkinng something no one asked for. Their focus used to be making great games, now their focus is making great money smh

37 : Anonymous2021/07/23 14:22 ID: h692ev2

I love destiny but I’d rather have them just make a straight up spiritual successor to halo. They still have the gameplay talent and have better writing talent. If they just made a game with a campaign built around one player that has optional coop like halo and had a arena style multiplayer, it would sell unholy amounts. But they won’t and they’ll continue with horrible business practices

38 : Anonymous2021/07/23 15:08 ID: h698n4o

Halo Bungie were the best devs in the world from 2007-10. Idk if they still have it in them.

39 : Anonymous2021/07/23 20:26 ID: h6agf58

Booo. Micro transaction city.

40 : Anonymous2021/07/23 21:50 ID: h6arbyi

For fucks sake.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

41 : Anonymous2021/07/23 21:59 ID: h6asinz

Everyone is tryong to be big like genshin impact

42 : Anonymous2021/07/23 16:04 ID: h69gix9

Well that’s what happened to Destiny and I went from loving the franchise to now loathing it, so I don’t have high hopes for what will undoubtedly be an MTX filled grind-fest.

43 : Anonymous2021/07/23 21:01 ID: h6al1id


44 : Anonymous2021/07/24 02:49 ID: h6bphzf

Hard pass.

45 : Anonymous2021/07/24 04:46 ID: h6c0vvv

Reports say my interest is at an all time low.

46 : Anonymous2021/07/24 10:44 ID: h6cpubb

Destiny 3


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