6600xt Before and After Liquid Metal. -8c Hot Spot/Junction Temp

1 : Anonymous2021/08/18 21:12 ID: p70dew
6600xt Before and After Liquid Metal. -8c Hot Spot/Junction Temp
2 : Anonymous2021/08/18 21:40 ID: h9ggu1v

You applied it to your CPU too?

ID: h9ghsty

My guess, he let it run for much longer on the first screen. His numbers might not mean much.

ID: h9gmkkz

I thought about that too, but it takes literally seconds for your CPU to reach at least 80% of max temp during load, unless you have a very large cooler and subpar or no fans. He might just have run another program on the second pic.

But your theory could be correct as well. I'd just expect a higher CPU temp even for shorter benches.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/18 21:41 ID: h9gh06i

Looks like the cpu in the first image is doing a lot more work than in the second. The graph shows it as does the temp. That’s quite a bit extra heat in the case in the first image and can definitely affect results. Of course a LM application should see lower temps regardless so nothing to really see here but not really a scientific process conducted here either.

ID: h9gi5r8

No idea why. Had the same background apps running. Just a spike I'd guess.

EDIT: looking at that chart it looks like it was running something for at least a minute while taking that shot. Honestly don't know. Maybe Windows updates, or something else. But I don't think it effected GPU temps at all. The VRAM load is the same and they are both at 99% GPU load. Either way I'm not removing the LM to retest lol.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/18 21:48 ID: h9ghtaf

Did you already know what is the risk of applying LM?

ID: h9gk0zr

You can run LM safely on a GPU if you know how to apply it correctly.

I have ran and still do Thermal Grizzly Condactonout on all my Ryzen CPU's and Gpus, for years now perfectly fine.

Obviously it's not for everyone.

ID: h9gmdzh

For sure, I ran Liquid metal on my Radeon VII for the whole time I owned it. It made a big difference, but yeah just be careful.

ID: h9gv29j

The only risks are about getting LM where it shouldn't be, right? It doesn't, say, dry up or go volatile after 6 months or something? I wouldn't mind using it at least on my CPU but man I don't trust myself not to get a tiny bit somewhere bad.

ID: h9gojd7

I applied 2 layers of nail polish to the exposed components besides the die. Should be fine. And I made the LM as thin as possible. Sucked back any excess into the tube.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/18 21:44 ID: h9ghbvm

which 6600xt? like is it a biostar, a sapphire etc.

ID: h9giqfd

Sorry. It's an overclocked XFX Merc 6600xt. +20 power offset. Core set to 2600-2700 target range. Memory at 2300mhz/+15%.

ID: h9gpnkc

Is it the 308? Got that one too, wondering how far I could push it once I get it in my build

ID: h9gxg9f

Merc 308? I have that too. Unless you're also going to use an undervolt, I'd recommend shifting the core speed as it's 100% capable. I currently have about 2685 to 2785 with full stability. If not, you could go for 2660 to 2760. I'm almost always running above 2725 MHz on the core clock.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/18 22:43 ID: h9gozwx

Did you try undervolting your GPU using msi afterburner by setting custom curve ? That seems to do the trick as well. Just need to find the sweet spot so you don't crash.

ID: h9gpwmg

I didn't use afterburner, because I heard it doesn't work yet for these cards. Maybe it does by now. It's set to 1.14v, but I feel like it really doesn't do much. Using AMD's control panel seems to only lower the frequency it goes to 1.15v when you undervolt. Just hits it less often. If you go too far it crashes, even though it still tries to hit 1.15v occasionally. I tried using the MorePowerTool to force a 1.13v but that causes it to crash really really fast, compared to AMDs software which is actually stable still at that. I guess the MorePowerTool actually sets a hard limit it can't ever go over, and it doesn't like that one bit.

My core OCs like crap, but my VRAM is pretty good.

ID: h9gq4b5

Ah okay didn't know AMD GPUs weren't good undervolter

ID: h9gxv57

Where did you get it? I downloaded MorePowerTool but it doesn't seem to support the 6600 XT as all options were greyed out when I tried it, although I may have used an older version. In personally interested in raising the voltage a bit.

ID: h9gxonu

6600 XT doesn't have any of that support in MSI Afterburner yet, but you can still undervolt using AMD Radeon Software, so no big deal.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/18 23:05 ID: h9grvkb

I don't get why graphics card manufacturers have to cheap out on paste so much. I'd be more than happy to pay another $10 for them to use a quality paste like MX-4 or NT-H1 for temperature reductions.

Edit: 2.1k fan speed?! What did XFX do with the 6600 XT xD.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/18 23:13 ID: h9gsway

XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT Merc 308

+20% power limit

+2300mhz memory OC /+15%

Target frequency set to 2600/2700mhz.

Fan curve forced to 50% on both of these.


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