I’m so exhausted with so much negativity in gaming, any game that comes out just get dog piled on no matter what. Reddit and forum threads filled with people endlessly complaining about how games failed to meet their expectations. Where’s the positivity?

1 : Anonymous2021/11/21 08:46 ID: qyqvxi

I’m having a blast playing a bunch of games that are actively being dogged on and it just makes me feel like the bad guy. Say anything positive and you are ridiculed. The current culture really blows and is just discouraging for new people coming in.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/21 08:48 ID: hlhmsn1

How about just playing and not engaging in the forum's ? Getting away from social media helps sometimes

ID: hli72oq

This, but also if I didn't I would of bought GTA dumpster fire edition.

ID: hlhmyoy

Oh, I totally agree with you on that 100%. But when it starts to flood into your circle of friends you play with and they start parroting the same negativity it’s hard to escape. You just end up playing by yourself.

ID: hli44h4

I realized this about myself a while back. I enjoy playing and experiencing games by myself more than I do with others even friends.

I stopped reading forums because the loud vocal group is always the one with the complaining. Dont get me wrong Im not saying games are perfect and dont need criticism when they deserve it. However, I learned what might be a big issue for someone else might not be a big issue to me and I can live with it.

I lost count how many times I thoroughly enjoyed a game that was heavily criticized or was not received that well. On the other side of the coin, I cant tell you how many times I played a game that was universally praised and when I played it my thought was "thats it? Whats the big deal everyone was raving about?" The Last of Us comes to mind I never saw what people liked so much about that game.

ID: hlhn549

And that is why I’m only playing single player games since 2013 🙂

ID: hli5lfp

Look for smaller games. The expectations are lower, developers are less scummy and the games cost less so people are easier to please. Communities are smaller and more focused on helping new people and sharing tips.

Basicly the larger the crowd the higher the chances of toxic shit.

ID: hliliss

I feel you on so many levels with this, whenever a game comes out my buddies will come to Reddit to form opinions instead of just trying the game and end up missing out on some great content.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/21 13:56 ID: hlicles

That's why I prefer to play story driven single player games.

ID: hljef6f

Like Cyberpunk?

Sorry I had to. I actually have no idea what the state of that game is now but they dropped the shit out of that ball sadly. Really hope Elden Rings lives up to all the early reviews its gotten so far. That, BotW2 and God of War 2 are all on my radar.

ID: hljjzuj

Lol, Honestly that was a solid jab. A point well made too.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/21 09:16 ID: hlhotzt

When something is fucked up by a company it takes a shitstorm to get anything fixed these days.

There is positivity to be found, but positivity is singular, a shitstorm is many.

ID: hlhzmsh

Plus, most of the time when something is positive, even outside of gaming, you just let it slide with a “wow, that’s cool!”.

But when something is bad… it’s time to go yell about it on the internet for 3 paragraphs in 9 different online forums.

I do understand why people would be upset with a product they paid for, though, especially if that specific thing is unanimously hated.

ID: hlifvny

More so the spark of being negative helps bring the games issues to light and now bury it deep down where the company thinks they did pretty good on release and will just do the same in the future.

Perfect example, Halo xp progression.

I understand what OP is saying but he should just avoid Gaming subreddits when AAA releases for $70 and you become a Q&A tester for a nice chunk of release bc why ship it done

It'd be awesome if no one complained and something got done but these days it's just tiring with how shitty some of these games are releasing it and it's fact that speaking pit brings light to these issues

If OP likes game but doesn't want to hear any actual criticisms on it like how BF 2042 is ridiculously Buggy for example ; just avoid certain subreddits

If release is ass, you can bet the talk about said game is ass~ it's that simple

ID: hlhxej2

positivity is singular, a shitstorm is many.

In this episode of "LIFE"

5 : Anonymous2021/11/21 14:07 ID: hlidske

"I'm positive this game sucks."

6 : Anonymous2021/11/21 12:02 ID: hli1n6a

I could recommend Stardew Valley, really fun. And community is very positive here on Reddit.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/21 12:53 ID: hli64rp

It is perfectly reasonable to get mad when you buy a game only to realize it's a broken mess. Games used to be released when they were polished and complete. Now its "release and finish later". It is bullshit.

ID: hlix7v4

This is sadly soo true… I did not know any AAA titles that were unfinished trash back then (Im sure they existed too though). But now it‘s almost mandatory for most companies just to get money as fast as possible.

ID: hlixsp1

Games used to be released when they were polished and complete.

Me with my copy of E.T. the game

8 : Anonymous2021/11/21 08:56 ID: hlhnd4h

Not any game that comes out gets dog piled. In most cases if it is getting dog piled then probably it was that bad. Guardians, forza, Halo these games came out recently and was positively received. So..

ID: hlhqpft

There's certain parts of Halo infinite that are being dogged hard, but the overall consensus is very positive. Game is fun. Battle pass XP and challenges suck. Multiplayer feels great. No player collision sucks ass. Halo is back bby. Some of these weapons suck ass. Love this game.

ID: hlhx14c

I just want to chime in that the new Guardians of the Galaxy is an incredibly fun game, and is a carefully designed, relentlessly thought out linear experience. I say this as somebody who has become pretty disillusioned with the modern game industry, to the point that outside of the occasionally standout such as Death Stranding or Hades, I rarely can stand to finish a game and mostly play games from the 360 era and prior. So when I say that it feels refreshing because it feels like a real video game, I mean it. I keep getting reminded of resident evil 4, in terms of the quality in the game design from moment to moment, the fun of the story, and the thought of how much I could get out of replaying the game from time to time over the course of many years. If anyone here is on the fence about it, it's on sale for lot of black friday deals, and is absolutely worth every penny. I also just want to support this kind of game design, because I mean, directly compare this to the avengers, same publisher, which was one of the most maddeningly awful on every layer games I've played in years.

ID: hlis1xk

Man the story and voice over work was top notch.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/21 09:35 ID: hlhqbb9

The positivity died when games stopped being released as fully featured products and only as a basis to sell you micro(macro)transactions.

ID: hlhus5b

"Games as a Service" became the main business model for developers, releasing half finished games then going "oh sorry, our bad, we will release some patches in the future to fix it", the insane micro-transaction even in full price games, the lack of communication with the community by developers..

Sadly gamers have a lot to complain about. Since the Mobile Pay-to-win games started making way more money then PC / Console game developers just seem to only care about releasing the next 'Fortnite", and in doing so often shit on the long term fans of their franchises.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/21 12:03 ID: hli1p1o

Almost on my 500th hour of Factorioioioio Spaaace exploration mod. It's GREAT!

One of, if not the best video game ever made.

There are just soooooo many great indie and AA games out there to choose from. It's just the AAA super corporate space that sucks.

Here's ten amazing games I've played in the last year that are soooo much fun:

Insurgency sandstorm - best shooter ever with ISMC mod

Deep Rock Galactic - maybe best coop game of all time

Vermintide 2 - best melee combat in any game, period

Ori - oh my god this game is absolutely stunning... Like melts your heart beautiful!

Sins of a solar empire - star trek and star wars mods are amazing!

Carrion - super unique horror platformer where you are the monster

Katana zero - crazy stealth action game with a bananas story

Hades - omg hades has just perfected the roguelite action genre and is such a joy to play

Halo games - Such classics are super fun to play solo or with friends and infinite seems like it's on the right track to be super fun - proof that even some AAA studios "get it"

Satisfactory - Just a beautiful builder game with cute lizard doggos - almost out of early access and on sale for like $20 right now

We are literally living in a golden age of amazing games being made all over the world!

Just stay away from the AAA over-hyped garbage...chances are if the devs/producers are spending as much on marketing as development, the game is going to be disappointing...

ID: hlihefb

Factory must grow.

ID: hlijb6z

You’re so right. People are looking in the wrong places for great games these days. Steam has so many amazing games. Some of my favorites that I started playing this year (not saying these came out this year)

Crusader Kings III

Age of Wonders: Planetside

Space Hulk Tactics

Through the Ages (the digital card game)

Twilight Struggle (the digital board game)

Pillars of Eternity II (with expansions)

I could go on…

ID: hlip24f

I second satisfactory. One of my favorite games of all time, even though sometimes it feels like a second job haha

ID: hlj1pql


ID: hlj3fdx


ID: hlil5l9

Then we can go list almost every major release for Nintendo games. I know there are more but all I can think of off the top of my head is ARMS being bad, and that wasn’t even terrible, fun for like 4 hours ig. Nintendo shitty company but the games they make and develop are amazing 90% of the time.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/21 13:19 ID: hli8oiq

Positivity is where the good games are. Beyond nostalgia gta remasters are a mess, they are utterly broken. The new Battlefield is fun but it still has a lot of issues to iron out. The thing is people are sick and tired of getting served broken or buggy games they pay 60/70€ for and get told, where is the positivity in gaming and gamers are entitled. You wouldnt go buy food and be ok with getting served an undercooked steak and get told, we will patch it out lol.

You focus on shit games and ask for positivity while people are busy playing forza horizon and halo which are pretty decent games.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/21 10:20 ID: hlhtnre

Well of game companies want positivity maybe they should finish their fucking games before they release them.

People are mad because they've been fucked over, if you're not mad because you haven't been fucked over then good for you but you're in the minority

ID: hli2nwm

It just ends up being a thing of not pre-ordering, I am an avid fanboy of Pokémon and bought every game as close to launch as possible growing up. But after USUM and not being able to afford a switch whilst everyone was shitting on SWSH I took a couple months for reviews to settle and a verdict given. I now never preorder a Pokémon game or any games in general.

These days it's too much of a risk to invest forward and preorder and get the game on day 1 with bugs and finding out oh actually this game is only 10 hours long if you don't do all the side quests.

ID: hli9wvf

That last part was me with marvels avengers. I beat the game before it’s official release (with only 3 days early access) and I wasn’t very happy about that.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/21 13:00 ID: hli6s41

This is a strong reason why i play final fantasy 14 honestly, the devs have the players backs and the community has the devs backs and when things dont go quite right like how endealker getting delayed 2 weeks the community respose was almost all understanding

14 : Anonymous2021/11/21 12:46 ID: hli5fju

Maybe AAA devs should stop making shit games

ID: hlim2tw

Just a thought.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/21 10:19 ID: hlhtlal

Personally I don’t play multiplayer games, also I never buy games at launch, granted most are a buggy mess. Just avoid social media and you do you, play what you enjoy.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/21 09:34 ID: hlhq7gp

I paid 90 dollars for a broken piece of garbage and can't get a refund. How am I supposed to not be upset about that?

17 : Anonymous2021/11/21 10:55 ID: hlhwagq

I disagree.

What blows is game companies cutting corners and disprespecting the consuumer with soul less, unfished, bug filled pieces of garbage with a half arsed apology to "make it all better. Im looking at you Cyberpunk, Rockstar (on multiple occasions) not to mention more ive forgot.

What blows is the fact gaming has become the most profitable media outlet on the planet.

Since when can a 20 year old titles be released a second time filled with bugs, cheap corner cutting, AI texturing and rendering to create an eye bleeding excuse for "4k" or a "remaster" all the while spitting in consumers faces charging 60 dollars for it.

Thats what gamings become. Good for you that youre happy with games, Im really sorry if people are attacking you for enjoying them.

But there needs to be some accountability by Game companies to stop floggings dead horses, cutting corners and disprespecting us (the consumer) with soul less, unfished, bug filled pieces of garbage and a half arsed apology to go with it to "make it all better.

This is the internet. Our only tool against major companies to have our voices heard. And the majority of us arent happy with the state of things.

ID: hlihjbi

I can understand a game taking risks and it not working out, that’s fine. Releasing an unfinished game at full price is disgusting, and beyond the pale.

ID: hlij8b6

"beyond the pale" I like that. Whats it from?

Absolutely agree as well.

This isn't some kid in his university dorm throwing out a free to play game just to get his name out there.

This is a AAA studio who knows people will buy anything they release.

Absolutely....beyond the pale...yeah fucking right off man

18 : Anonymous2021/11/21 09:15 ID: hlhoszp

When good well made games release there is plenty of praise. Reason you see so much negativity with games is because they are launching broken filled with anti consumer mtx/battlepasses. Also gamers like to complain

19 : Anonymous2021/11/21 08:52 ID: hlhn1zq

Honestly, why are you trying to be positive about the fact people don't feel they got their moneys worth?

It's a product, customers invest money and expect something back - if it fails that, the positive thing to do is to inform people of a negative product.

There's a difference between negativity and criticism. "Failed to meet expectations" is a legit criticism.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/21 11:18 ID: hlhy3al


21 : Anonymous2021/11/21 09:43 ID: hlhqwm0

I see it as a response to the way the games industry has changed to take advantage of consumers more and more. For years you could purchase amazing games that worked out of the box, had the full game included with no concerns, and multiplayer games designed to make people excited and enjoy themselves. Nowadays the games industry had transformed into a money grubbing power hungry disgusting blob. Every game comes out half finished, barely functional and bugged out the ass. Most games resell you content that was already on the disk at exorbitant prices only to release more a week later that invalidates the old ones. Most multiplayer games are released free specifically so they can ring money out of young kids through micro transactions and whales. They don’t design to be fun, they design them to be addictive enough to drain money from those foolish enough to get invested. Enjoying things isn’t bad, but ignoring where the games industry is going and the terrible decisions they’ve made so far will just embolden them to keep stretching their luck until we all break. So I’m sorry that you feel people are too negative, they are just fed up with paper thing experiences being shoved down their throats specifically to steal their money.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/21 13:52 ID: hlic3s5

I'd rather be in a community that offers constructive criticism over a community that only wants to talk about the positives, refusing to acknowledge the hick ups. There's nothing wrong with expressing how something didn't meet your expectations, there's nothing wrong with talking about bugs and glitches that are negatively affecting your game play because your experience as well as other people's experiences with the game MATTER.

Admittedly, there are people in this community and many other communities that don't recognize or don't care about where that line is and hell, even sometimes I cross over the line a little. Gaming is something we fucking love doing, we choose to escape into these wonderful fucking worlds and sometimes we get too passionate about shit. I can admit that, I want to enjoy video games but I also want other people to enjoy them too and sometimes its hard when I see shit like GTA remaster. I won't even pick up the game or recommend it because it is literally our childhood, we all grew up on GTA and I don't want to go over to their house to see their faces full of disappointment, like that shit literally hurts to see and its even worse when you know how happy they were about it being released and then when you talk to them you don't hear their enthusiasm anymore.

At the end of the day I know there is going to be games that I won't like for some reason or another, I'm okay with not liking a game. I won't bag on people if they happen to like it either. But there are some trends I'm seeing that I'm not okay with, so I'm going to continue to rail against those trends because I feel like its threatening the community and I hate to see people okay with it. Like game companies producing half a game but making you pay full price up front, or game companies packing so much micro transactions into the game or even worse, game companies releasing buggy, glitchy messes that force you to wait til an update for it to be playable again. That shouldn't be okay with anyone in my opinion.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/21 11:50 ID: hli0o7y

There are a decent number of games that are great and people won't complain about them. But you won't see people coming to the internet to give good reviews usually. They usually just play the good games and are happy without needing to talk about it. Most people go to online to complain about things in bad games in hope that they will change.

The gaming market in general has had many more games in the recent years that are not as fulfilling as the older games. Plenty of companies are using as many angles as possible to make extra money off of the consumers. So it's becoming much harder to ignore for gamers. There are many more games these days that psychologists are hired to help make the game in a fashion that sells the most extras/microtransactions.

Regardless of that though, if people you know won't stop being negative about something, maybe they have that problem with their games, or they just need to learn to not be so negative. There is plenty of positivity in games, but it's just a little bit harder to find then it used to be.


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