Are my fans on?

1 : Anonymous2021/12/09 21:00 ID: rcr54e
Are my fans on?
2 : Anonymous2021/12/09 22:11 ID: hnwpadx

I like the detail with the power supply plugged in, and of course it's a massive brick because fuck your portability

ID: hnwpw7x

That's Lenovo legion 5 Pro power brick

ID: hnwvjjs

I literally ordered the Lenovo legion 7 yesterday. Hence this comic. Its to celebrate all my RGBness and massive bricks I shall be carrying from henceforth

ID: hnxr4gw

I want to get a gaming laptop to improve my portability. Upgrades? Nah, the convince is worth it and upgrading is a hassle.

Proceeds to rarely move laptop, still happy because it fits all their needs and wants

ID: hnxuazk

A gaming laptop is not really used like a laptop, but closer to a desktop you can fit in a bag.

ID: hnxxlae

I have had my gaming laptop for 8 years. Sure now it doesn't move anymore because it's massive and the battery runs out in 20 minutes, but it has travelled around 3 continents and I've only been stopped once because airport security thought it was a bomb.

ID: hnxubkn

I have one because it's easier to pack up. Not super keen on packing up a desktop and screen to take to a friends place, that'd be a ton of effort.

ID: hnxmv65

And it can only run for a bit over a half hour if not plugged in.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/09 23:15 ID: hnwyffn

imagine being that one guy in the office meeting with a mechanical keyboard.

ID: hny0x19

I work a desk job and was genuinely thinking of getting one for work because I love mine so much and it's nicer to type on but then I realized that i'd probably be caught on people's mics on the other side of the room especially since i type fast. So that dream died.

ID: hny7fal

Topre baby

ID: hnytbmi

What do you mean? Cherry reds are super silent. Slap some o-rings on that bad boy and they are silent as the wind O_O

ID: hnxqip0

ID: hny4czc

I had a board with cherry blues at work. People liked it so much, we ended up with prob 10+ people typing on blues. lol

ID: hny58iv

Thats what happened to me. My officemate brought a mech in and was clicky-clacking away and I got jealous and bought my own. I have my own office now so no one cares if I have a loud fuckin board (unless i forget to mute a call when I start typing) Its great.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/09 21:02 ID: hnwf3pc

Nah, nothing work related touches my gaming laptop, that's why they gave me a work laptop.

ID: hnx8il4

This might be school. I went through a college IT program which needed a beefy laptop so of course everyone bought high-end gaming laptops for the CPUs and kitted them with RAM and NVMe SSDs to give us portable hypervisors. We had to take electives which were open to all programs, they wanted to make us mingle (a grave mistake). So, take a "The Meaning of Sex" group project meeting, you have MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, an Asus ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733QSQ-XS99 with 84-blade fans and AuraSync per-key RGB and another MacBook Pro. Power it up, and half a dozen VMs auto-start, the fans go full tilt.

Yeah, the meme checks out. I've been that guy.

ID: hnxcqy0

Why is there a "meaning of sex" module if you're studying IT?

ID: hnxuq8v

You're not a real gamer if you don't keep the rog scream on in the bios

ID: hnxask2

I got a work laptop it’s a piece of shit.

As soon as work from home started boom I got the vpn client on my home computer, VDIs to whatever environments I need, I got Teams, I got OneDrive I got all the software on my 2 4K screens it’s a dream come true. I even got my piece of shit work laptop sitting here acting as nothing more than a monitoring screen showing various alerts and status levels and all this crap.

I am like 42% more productive at home now. They can’t cripple my home PC with their bloatware shit that wrecks my life every damn week.

Having a great time. They even let me borrow the chairs from work. Fancy ass 1600 dollar chairs. I’m hoping they forget I got one.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/10 02:07 ID: hnxljet

"Yeah, this baby gets 15"

"Wow, no wonder you lug that think around! I only get about 5 hours on mine!"

"....minutes. It gets 15 minutes of battery life. If I turn down the power settings. And dim the screen. And switch to the internal GPU."

"What about all the RGB?"

"...tch. Either you get it, or you don't."

6 : Anonymous2021/12/09 22:44 ID: hnwu42r

I got an Asus Zephyrus duo and it can change with a 100watt power supply that's smaller than a MacBook one. It's damn quiet unless I'm actually gaming.

ID: hnxtjra

that’s the laptop i want to get next, i can only dream of all the gimmicky shit id use the second screen for and then forget about it like 2 months in

7 : Anonymous2021/12/09 22:27 ID: hnwrmuq

lmao not exactly work but i study game development in uni and this one guy in my class has a gaming laptop and i swear to god even if he is on the other side of the lecture hall i can hear the the computer suddenly take off

ID: hny8qcw

I have a Mac (I know, I know) and yesterday, I decided to play a lil game in the campus library. Darkest Dungeon.

No one told me anything but when I took out my earphones, I could hear the cooling going and it was loud. Surprised no one said anything, but I did see a few people looking at me

8 : Anonymous2021/12/10 03:09 ID: hnxu4rb

The dumbest argument I've ever seen on this sub is "laptops aren't PCs"

Some people REAAAAALLY love their tribalism.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/09 23:02 ID: hnwwn1c

Is that a jet engine?

10 : Anonymous2021/12/10 02:45 ID: hnxqvl4

Gaming laptops in professional settings always crack me up. My physician takes notes on an RGB mechanical keyboard and a razer monitor.

ID: hny40ov

It’s often better hardware for significantly less cost than comparative enterprise solutions. My whole radiology department uses Logitech gaming mice.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/09 22:28 ID: hnwrqi7

As an IT person, "normal people" using MacBooks has me feeling a lot of emotions and every one of them is a different version of "mad".

ID: hnxcxql

Lol we have one guy who uses only Linux. His own Linux distro. He built it. Outright refuses to use anything else. He negotiated that in his contract, not kidding.

He’s exceptionally good at what we hired him for so IT was essentially told “look, just…..just do what you can, ok?” And that’s that. No GPO, no patching, no compliance, nothing.

One of the few people in the company that has a static IP just for him. So that cyber security can have a custom suite of rules and inspection profiles just for his connectivity hahahha.

ID: hnxgh8u

What a gangster.

ID: hnwvt8g

I dont know when Macbooks became the "normie" laptop but I dont like it. I'm a motion designer and Im the only one using a Windows for my cuda cores. But I'm surrounded by administration people doing spreadsheet in numbers on a Mac.

Can someone explain this upside down world I'm in?

ID: hnxzhra

I mean, I love windows, but it requires way more effort to maintain and is way less reliable for the average user.
They're built well, battery life is great, they feel pleasant to use,the screens usually look amazing.
And the upgrade path is just 'buy another macbook'

Numbers is absolute purgatory suffering though, idk why anybody would subject themself to that

ID: hnwzahh

Couldn't use xcode to package bundles for release on the the itunes store without a mac.

I tried. Virtual machines, emulated os, lots of ridiculous hoops.

Caved, bought the mac. Released the app. Haven't gone back to the windows computer for work, even though I'm onto the next project and don't need xcode anymore.

You can run excel on a mac. Numbers is worthless.

I don't write spreadsheets though. I write code. Once in a while I write code to write spreadsheets, because I'm lazy, but that's besides the point.

For a dev machine, it works perfectly.

Only have to use the windows laptop to test edge compatibility.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/09 21:41 ID: hnwktis

Or just a regular day at work with a Dell. If the fans could be louder, they would be

ID: hnx9ztf

I just bought a G15 and it has a really nice design that doesn't have any rgb or anything too "gaming" while having great specs. But man the moment I launch any game, this thing is taking off instantly

ID: hnxas08

I meant more the work machines. Too focused on being too small for no reason, the thermals are garbage. Haven't had a gaming laptop yet but I can't imagine any have quiet fans while full go

13 : Anonymous2021/12/10 00:04 ID: hnx58ny

The reality is, of course, those big laptops have half decent cooling compared to the smaller and slimmer ones. It's the latter that tend to be spooling up.

Source: many work laptops

14 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:29 ID: hny4lg6

Reminds me of the huge $4k laptops I used to deploy to geologists and engineers for their renders. It was stupid but the top management said "everyone gets laptops".

15 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:00 ID: hny0uf1

Today when I walked into my economics class I saw something I dread every time I close my eyes. Someone had brought their new gaming laptop to class. The Forklift he used to bring it was still running idle at the back. I started sweating as I sat down and gazed over at the 700lb beast that was his laptop. He had already reinforced his desk with steel support beams and was in the process of finding an outlet for a power cable thicker than Amy Schumer's thigh. I start shaking. I keep telling myself I'm going to be alright and that there's nothing to worry about. He somehow finds a fucking outlet. Tears are running down my cheeks as I send my last texts to my family saying I love them. The teacher starts the lecture, and the student turns his laptop on. The colored lights on his RGB Backlit keyboard flare to life like a nuclear flash, and a deep humming fills my ears and shakes my very soul. The entire city power grid goes dark. The classroom begins to shake as the massive fans begin to spin. In mere seconds my world has gone from vibrant life, to a dark, earth shattering void where my body is getting torn apart by the 150mph gale force winds and the 500 decibel groan of the cooling fans. As my body finally surrenders, I weep, as my school and my city go under. I fucking hate gaming laptops.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/09 21:40 ID: hnwkrhd

What company doesn't give there employees a computer that is secured.

ID: hnwn8c2

Those with a BYOD policy.

ID: hnx9bjw

"Bring Your Own Disaster"

ID: hnx8egm

cheapskate policy I think you mean

17 : Anonymous2021/12/09 21:25 ID: hnwiheb

Laughs in ASUS G14.

ID: hnwjhb5

> not disturbing pointless meetings with your MSI fans

> shiggy diggy doo

18 : Anonymous2021/12/10 01:23 ID: hnxfo70

that one kid whose home Pc that they brought instead of the school issued Chromebooks, Pc sounds like its about to take off

19 : Anonymous2021/12/10 04:13 ID: hny2l1g

y is this so true

20 : Anonymous2021/12/10 07:54 ID: hnyow7y

Mac users aren't normal people !


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