It took me 26 years but I have 100% completed Goldeneye.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:38 ID: m32r12
It took me 26 years but I have 100% completed Goldeneye.
2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:52 ID: gqmt4fi

Man, as a 10 year old there was nothing more fun than turning on invincibility, all guns, and infinite ammo and playing the Runway and acting like the god damn angel of death for hours

ID: gqmtg75

I love the paintball mode. Would love to see it in more games.

ID: gqncv3n

I forgot about paint ball mode... oh the nostalgia is rushing back

ID: gqo78sv

Honestly it really sucks that so few games these days have cheats and Easter eggs and all that.

ID: gqnjddb

Firing dual rocket launchers straight up in the air for minutes on end and letting them come down in a rain of fire was so much fun!

ID: gqnq7sn

Pretty sure you mean the grenade launchers. The rockets never came back. But yes, I totally agree. This was the best... unless you weren’t invincible, the grenade exploded from hiting the explosion of another grenade, and quickly Grenade snaked back to your doomed face.

ID: gqnhy6y

You've given me a memory I didn't know I lost. Good times.

ID: gqnnddq

Seeing the kills at the end of one of those sessions was insane. In middle school I used to talk on the cordless phone for hours until my ear hurt while killing Ruskies on that stage.

ID: gqnp61t

Having the ability to shoot tank shells (from the head essentially) as a weapon was hours of fun in runway.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:41 ID: gqmkpeu

Super cool. Congrats.

ID: gqmkslj

It was a slog but I am well chuffed.

ID: gqn35ew

I remember nearly breaking my controller so many times trying to beat the Aztec level on 00 Agent just so I could finally unlock the Egyptian Temple. Don't think I ever unlocked all the cheats, though. That's probably on another level of frustrating.

ID: gqmn9h3

For sure! Always a good feeling to 100% a game, and even more special if it’s a classic you have fond memories of. I’ve only played a little of Goldeneye. I need to revisit it.

ID: gqmufda

i know the computer room was the hardest. fuck that shit.............

ID: gqnbrtj

Now time to download the remastered version for PC and do it all over!! 😉

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:37 ID: gqmrdmm


I gave up on beating Facility 00 Agent in under 2:05. Soooo many attempts.

ID: gqmsdrn

Alot of things have to go right to do it

ID: gqmszrk

Yea seriously. That and Caverns were the two hardest ones.

Ugh, I just watched the world record which was under a minute and now I feel bad.

Edit: Apparently that's an old world record and I'm even slower than I thought

ID: gqn6xgd

Fucking doctor Doak. Never know where that guy's going to be and if he'll drop that damned card.

I did manage to beat this one though when I was 12 after dozens of attempts.

ID: gqmxin5

When I pulled this off my friend group of 4 knew I was the best, that one seemed impossible

ID: gqn400g

Soo many attempts that it’s engrained in my brain. I can still pick up the game 20 years later and my thumbs just work I don’t even think about what I’m doing.

ID: gqnc5zj

Same, I remember spending so many summer vacation nights trying to get that unlocked. Finally got it and swore to never do it again.

Then, about a decade later, my college dorm's rec room had a N64 for groups to play. One day on a whim I checked what cheats had been unlocked on this copy of the game. Everything except Invincibility was unlocked. I gave it a go and got it unlocked it without even fully remembering what the map layout was.

What a waste of motor neurons that have spent so long keeping the knowledge of that skill alive, lol.

ID: gqn6ztu

Have to get lucky and find Dr. Doak immediately in one of the first labs. Otherwise you have to find him and that can take forever (and/or kill you if you accidentally hit one of the canisters when in the gas room).

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:39 ID: gqmkf6m

Since the XBLA leak came out I have been playing it on and off. I had it for the 64 back in 95 but didn't have the necessary skills back then being 12 years old.

Hardest level on 00 Agent was Aztec I would say either that or Silo.

Hardest cheat to unlock was the Silver PP7 beating the train on 00 Agent in less than 5.25 or Invincibility beating Facility on 00 Agent in less 2.05 I spent the most tries doing these 2.

One thing I will say is that this game has great replay quality with the difficulties and trying to beat the times to unlock the cheats far more than a lot of modern games and it really does benefit from a modern controller. In the foresable future I will dust of the 64 and beat it on the original hardware.

I encourage anyone who has never played or completed it to check it out I dare say without this game modern shooters wouldn't be where they are today.


Thanks everyone for the interest in my achievement. And the awards.

I Must be slightly mistaken by how many years it took. I got the console with Mario 64 for Christmas then Goldeneye about a month after that. It was a long time ago. So it must have been Christmas 97. The film came out in 95 so got that part wrong so 23 or 24 years.

ID: gqml0nw

I remember grinding facility back in the day, don’t think I got train. I couldn’t ever even unlock Aztec. Good job!

ID: gqn6j1l

The facility was the one I wanted back then because it would just let me explore everything without fear after.

I am pretty sure I still have most of the run memorized somehow. I remember having to go either left or right around one specific guard because if you went the wrong direction you had a much higher chance of getting shot.

Edit: I’m a moron. I wanted invisibility not invincibility which was a different level. Both worked for my goal of being able to explore the game so I got confused.

ID: gqmmx6n

I thought the invincibility code was the hardest one. Good job completing them all!

ID: gqn2vnz

Facility wasn't just hard, you also had to be lucky for the keycard

ID: gqmo22h

Just curious, did you look up any speedrunning strats to help lower your times?

ID: gqmowca

Occasionally I had to. I played the 3 dificulties in order by the time I finished the 3 I was quite proficient. I tried every level with a list of the times then seen how far off i was. If I was close I did it untill I beat it. If I was miles off I had a quick look on YouTube to see if there were any major tricks to knock times down there are some you would never think of trying like throwing a remote mine at the boxes after the first set of stairs on facility.

ID: gqn4ct0

Silver PP7 was the only one I could never get! I'd come in a second or less over every time, and the one time I remember being certain I wound beat it by 3+ seconds, I died running into the tunnel. Urgh.

ID: gqn997x

I have gotten everything 100% up to Aztec 00 Agent and I just cannot beat it. Totally agree with Silo and Train tho and I’d add in Caverns because I constantly destroyed the radio. Maybe I’ll jump back into it again after taking a break since it first leaked.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:09 ID: gqn1x6r

Think this was my first experience of grinding so hard at a game that it burnt me out on it. Achieved this with the help of a german foreign exchange student when I was in the 6th grade and never touched the game again haha. Dude helped me get all the stars in Mario 64 too. Patrick was a beast.

ID: gqnh7m4

A salute to Patrick, the OG Goldeneye bud (-)ゝ

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:11 ID: gqmoejz

Aztec on 00 Agent was no joke. Even the basic enemies have huge firepower and then the boss fight with Jaws is ridiculous. I remember he could withstand like 20 headshots with the Moonraker laser.

ID: gqmp2ef

The laser ain't a very good gun, no weapon spread. The assault rifle is the way to go with jaws. And lead him around the stairs

ID: gqngtmm

This is the advice of a man who learned this the hardest way.

ID: gqn3gwf

Omg, the amount of rage and stress I experienced trying to beat that level on 00 Agent. I'd always start freaking out after you kill Jaws because then enemies just keep spawning in and with laser weapons, no less. Then you have to climb that tall-ass ladder to reopen the shuttle bay while enemies are firing at you and you're at like 10% health. Serious gaming PTSD.

Finally completing that level on hard was probably my proudest gaming moment of all time.

ID: gqn9kee

That’s exactly where I’m currently stuck. I have everything else done up to that 100% but just cannot beat Aztec for the life of me

8 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:12 ID: gqn94ny

One of the best memories as kid was getting a used copy of goldeneye from GameStop and finding out all the cheats were already unlocked.

ID: gqnhsg7

The copy I used to rent had most of them unlocked. Was pretty awesome. That store had some fire save files on a bunch of games.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:55 ID: gqmtgj2

In school my friends and I would trade around our copies as certain people would specialize in unlocking certain cheats. I had to learn how to get the Silver PP7 really quick when I ended up with everyone’s copy after lying about being able to get it.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:32 ID: gqmqv2y

Was it hard to go back to those controls, I played that game a lot and continued with FPS as they came out, but going back to 007 years later the controls were so foreign to me again.

ID: gqms8v1

I played it on the PC using the recent Xbox 360 XBLA leak with updated graphics. I actually streamed it form the PC to my Nintendo Switch with android installed on it so it had updated controls.

I suppose you could say I played a Nintendo Game on A Microsoft Xbox 360 Emulator Streamed using Nvidia Software To Google's Android O.S on a Nintendo console if that makes sense.

ID: gqnjgoc

That 2nd paragraph is so poetic. Technology has advanced so significantly in 25 years, but we're really just chasing that feeling we got from our childhood. My friends were pumped when I got my pc so we could play all the new games together, but I was much more excited to play all the old games I couldn't run as a kid.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:04 ID: gqmnkd1

Kid me is stupid impressed. Now me is a lil worried for you.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:41 ID: gqmrto1

Fucking Legend dude

13 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:53 ID: gqmt99s

Congrats. I never could beat some of the 00' missions like aztec or control.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:26 ID: gqmwzpz

I remember getting 100% when I was 12. Shit was brutal but it sure was fun.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:43 ID: gqmywem

the train + enemy rockets = pain


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