I feel like Resident Evil can’t decide on who or what Chris Redfield is. Is he a soldier or a secret agent?!

1 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:48 ID: ncjxnb
I feel like Resident Evil can't decide on who or what Chris Redfield is. Is he a soldier or a secret agent?!
2 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:49 ID: gy5el4r

Why not both

ID: gy5qg8v

If you finish the game you come to find out he is both.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:37 ID: gy5khz0

He's a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.

ID: gy5o1d1

Op is just the dude who can't figure out which dude is the dude.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:01 ID: gy5g6bg

I mean technically he was never was a soldier he an agent who's worked for different agencies. Chris goes into areas that have suffered bioterrorism.

Edit: I forgot they have some stupid background info that he somehow became a Air Force pilot when he was a teenager

5 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:51 ID: gy5eu84

He’s not a secret agent in 8 he’s just wearing those clothes because that’s what’s appropriate to wear at the time. He changes later.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:54 ID: gy5fal9

He’s a secret clone of Hunk of course

ID: gy5ydzy

Calm down Mr Grim Reaper

7 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:33 ID: gy5k2pu

He's a boulder punching asshole

8 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:28 ID: gy5jhog

Clearly he is a gorilla-chested superhero experiment.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/14 23:25 ID: gy5q234

He is the protector of the Redfield bloodline.

ID: gy5u50q

Claire goes brrrrrr

10 : Anonymous2021/05/14 23:52 ID: gy5t6hp

When Wesker wanted complete world saturation in RE (or marvel), he didn't meant viruses, he meant Chris. And he succeded.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:49 ID: gy5elwi

Porque no los dos

12 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:11 ID: gy5hens

He's an agent for the story that Capcom wants to tell.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:22 ID: gy5ipm2

Secret soldier.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/14 23:28 ID: gy5qexl

Play re8 to the end. He is both.

ID: gy5u36c

Didn't he used to be a cop?

ID: gy5vysz

I wouldn't really characterize S.T.A.R.S. as cops. They're more like special forces who work with police but are separate from them. But their office is in the RPD so you could make the argument that they are cops. It's really up to each fan to make that distinction on their own.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/14 23:37 ID: gy5ri5y

He's a Secret Soldier. Part of the SS.


ID: gy5runz

Hail Hydra?

16 : Anonymous2021/05/14 23:49 ID: gy5stxt

The actor on the right is actually playing Wesker (if im not mistaken) for the upcoming RE movie

ID: gy5tvwr


ID: gy5w9uq

Yup just looked it up on IMDb to confirm

17 : Anonymous2021/05/14 22:15 ID: gy5htpf

That is not resident evil 8 that's definitely umbrella academy

ID: gy5tr36

umbrella corps*

ID: gy5p7uo
18 : Anonymous2021/05/15 00:55 ID: gy5zxra

He’s everything

19 : Anonymous2021/05/14 21:51 ID: gy5etsw

Hes a simp now


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